IT Strategy - IT Tactics
IT Security


IT Strategy

We support you during the implementation of your business strategy. From the actual state towards your goal. Based on your requirements, vision and IT framework.

IT Tactics

Tactical manoeuvers together with IT operations and IT strategy form the IT management. Our service portfolio ranges from the adoption of KPI-supported reporting to disaster recovery processes.

IT Security

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are complex, industrialized projects with sponsors, a project team, a budget, a schedule, and a plan. So information security is not an accident. It is also a complex project with sponsors, a project team, a budget, a schedule, and a plan.

Excellence in execution

Information Security Management
EOS Enterprise Open Systems

Enterprise Open Systems (EOS) is a highly specialized IT consulting manufactory with a competence focus on information security management.

In this sensitive context, we make important contributions to our partners in shaping their IT strategy and tactics to achieve the set security goals with certainty.

We work across industries, but have excellent experience in financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and cloud providers.

Our employees have decades of expertise in the various aspects of IT security and are recognized specialists with various certifications.

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Value Added for your Business

Enterprise Open Systems supports customers through KnowHow, Experience and Passion.
Control and regulation system within corporate structures
The concept of governance includes the application and definition of various principles to achieve and ensure good and organized corporate management. With our many years of experience in what is feasible and what makes sense, we support our clients in introducing and bringing to life new and important regulations.
Managing corporate risks in the right way
Risk management has matured to an essential factor in today’s corporate world. From risk identification to mastery, we support our clients holistically, develop concepts and help to build a company-wide understanding of risk.
Adherence with legal requirements and internal guidelines
Compliance in the true sense of the word means the adherence to laws (in one’s own company) through certain measures. Within compliance, we support our customers by defining measures to comply with legal regulations, regulatory standards and ethical principles. This is not only done to protect customers from legal disputes, but also contributes to the security of the company in general.


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