Incident Management (IM)

Protect your company against damaging events

Our goal: To minimize the damage to your company in case of disruptions and interruptions.
Our tool: Incident management, we deal with the essential business processes, analyze risks and create the appropriate safety net.

We regard prevention and management as inseparable parts of the business, which can only be successful if they are sufficiently harmonized. As explained at the beginning, IM reflects the active measures against harmful events in this overall structure.
The management systems located in the middle of the diagram represent the different criticality levels. In order to ensure smooth management, a four-stage escalation system has proven itself in practice. Normal operations reflects daily business, incident management the elimination of minor disruptions, emergency management the elimination of serious disruptions and crisis management the elimination of disruptions that threaten the company’s existence.
The implementation of such a requirement is divided into several aspects:

On the one hand, the provision of escalation levels and the categorization of incidents has to be managed. At the other, the organization is also affected, business processes have to be defined and adapted. Responsible ressources for dealing with them have to be determined, communication channels have to be created for the most important stakeholders and, last but not least, an alert in the company is indispensable for this topic.

Over the last five years, Enterprise Open Systems has successfully implemented IM projects for its customers in the DACH region. Design, test scenarios, implementation, documentation and exercises are integral parts of our services.

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